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How to Access Websites That are Blocked

July 31, 2012 by admin in Internet

It can be very annoying if you cannot go to some websites because they are blocked. Schools, offices and even some countries regulate Internet access for various reasons. However, there are several ways you can unblock websites. Most of these methods will either change the URL you want to visit or conceal your IP address.



This is one of the most popular methods. Proxy servers will conceal your computer’s IP from the host. This can work if your IP is banned from accessing a site or forum. Many of these proxies are free.

While they come and go (and may banned by your school or office), there are always new ones appearing. You can also buy commercial anonymous surfing providers. This may cause a hundred dollars yearly, but they are more reliable than the free ones.

Virtual Private Networks

These are similar to proxies but are more secure. They can also be used for surfing, chatting, email and many others. These are among the most popular ways to unblock websites today.

URL Alternatives

Check if the banned website has another URL or mirror site. If it hasn’t been blocked yet, you can go there instead. This does not always work though.


Many websites offer free translation of other sites. Try to translate the blocked site. The web page will not only translate it, but change the URL, so it will no longer be blocked. Even if filtering software is installed, it will not be blocked. You just have to follow the instructions on the web page to make the translation.

Other Methods

There are web services that allow you to send email to yourself. This is a simple way to overcome those filtering programs. You can also type https instead of the usual http. Sometimes this will allow you to get into the site.

Tips and Warnings

Be patient when using proxies especially the free ones. There is always heavy traffic. If you are having a hard time using a proxy, go to another site. Translation services often offer a premium and basic account. Select the basic account. It will be enough. The premium account is a pay service. That isn’t necessary to gain access to blocked web pages.

Sometimes the blocking is due to filtering software installed in the web browser. You can disable it by going to options or preferences. If the filter is an add-on, you should uninstall it.


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