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How to Clear Browser History

July 31, 2012 by admin in Software

There are times when you may need to delete your internet browsing history especially if you share a computer with others. It will take only a few seconds to delete this content. Additionally, you may delete specific details in lieu of the entire browsing history if that is your preference. You can do this in a number of ways depending on the browser and the method you prefer to use.

Using the Control Panel in Windows to clear browser history.

  1. Click the Start option at the bottom left hand corner of your desktop.
  2. Choose settings from the menu options.
  3. Click on Control Panel.
  4. Once in the Control Panel menu double click internet options.
  5. Select the General Tab option.
  6. Locate the History Box and click Clear History.
  7. A dialogue will pop up that will ask you if you would like to delete all the items in your history folder. Click OK. Click Cancel only if you do not want to perform this action.
  8. To exit this section press OK within the General box to return to the Control Panel.

If you are using some specific browser then best solution is to delete history from browser itself.

Clear browsing history in Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer from your desktop or from the start menu.
  2. Select the View option. A menu should appear with a list of possible actions.
  3. Locate the Explorer Bars option.
  4. You may now choose History.
  5. You will see a list of all the current and past sites you have visited within the last few weeks. You have the option to delete all of this content or you may select those that you do not wish to show up in the browser’s History section.
  6. Highlight the ones you wish to delete.
  7. Select the Delete button to clear those that have been selected.

Clear browsing history in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox from your desktop or from the Start menu.
  2. Select the History tab at the top of the browser.
  3. Click on the Show All History option to open the list of recent and past visited websites.
  4. Click on the items you would like to delete.
  5. Once you have chosen all the entries, select Delete to remove them from your browsing history.

Clear browsing history in Safari

  1. Open Safari from the desktop or from the Start menu.
  2. Click on the History tab.
  3. Select the option Show all History.
  4. Click on the entries you would like to delete from your browsing history.
  5. Select Delete to remove all chosen entries.

Clear browsing history in Opera browser

  1. Click Opera menu button.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Delete private data.
  4. Under Detailed option you can specify what of history you want to delete.
  5. Click Delete.

Clear browsing history in Google Chrome

  1. Click Settings button.
  2. Click History.
  3. Click Clear all history data.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is probably best not to delete all your History if you share a computer because other users may wish to look back on sites they have recently used. Selecting information specific to your browsing history is the best option when deleting this information.
  • Ensure that you have deleted all the entries by scanning the search bar to see if they still appear in the search results.

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