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How to Download Torrents

July 31, 2012 by admin in Featured, Internet

Torrents can be a convenient way to download large files, including files containing music and videos. In many cases, torrents offer a much faster download time than other forms of file downloading. Although there are a lot of different programs and websites for finding and downloading torrents, they all operate in generally the same way.


  1. Install a program for downloading torrents. While there are many different options, three of the most popular free programs are: Azureus, BitTorrent and uTorrent . Azeurus and BitTorrent are compatible with Windows and Mac computers, while uTorrent is only available for Windows computers.
  2. Find the torrent file you want to download. Many of the programs that allow you to download torrents also allow you to search for torrent files to download. There are also many websites available that let you search for torrent files. One popular free torrent search website is isoHunt .
  3. If you are searching on a torrent website, once you find the file that you want to download, click the link labeled Download this Torrent (or a similarly worded phrase).
  4. Depending on the program you are using, once you locate and download the .torrent file, you will either be able to double-click it or use the Open Torrent feature within your download program to start downloading the music or video associated with the .torrent file.
  5. As your file downloads, you can leave your computer or continue with other computing activities. Your download program should notify you once your download is complete, and you will then be able to enjoy the media file that you downloaded.


  • The .torrent file itself is very small, so when you download it from a torrent search website, it should only take a few seconds to download onto your computer.
  • Once you begin downloading the file associated with the .torrent file, depending on its size and the number of people seeding it, the download can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours (and in the cases of extremely large files, a few days).

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