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How to Uninstall Windows Media Player

July 31, 2012 by admin in Software

Playing music or watching videos, we have all tried out Windows Media Player. Its enjoyment is of course preferential as some persons want a more simplified interface, and some want something more advanced. Some persons are indifferent but have found a replacement for Windows Media Player; the problem is that the program does not have a simple uninstall feature.

Not to worry, though, Microsoft has made sure all programs can be removed, albeit difficult to do. There are two main methods to uninstalling Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 11. The first method is through Microsoft Windows’ Safe Mode, while the other is to use the “œRun” command and use a program supplied with Microsoft Windows to remove Windows Media Player 11.


  • Microsoft Windows XP or newer
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 or higher


Uninstall Windows Media Player in “Safe Mode”

  1. Start up the computer and press the F8 key on the keyboard.
  2. A menu should be displayed giving a variety of options. Highlight “Start Windows in Safe Mode” then press the ENTER key.
  3. Once Safe Mode has been entered and loaded successfully, navigate to the “Run” dialog box by doing the following:
    • Go to the “Start” menu then click “Run”.
    • When the dialog box appears, type “appwiz.cpl” (without quotation marks). Click the “OK” button.
    • In the dialog box, scroll to the “Windows Media Player” entry. Click the entry or highlight it and click on the “Remove” button.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for the complete un-installation procedure.
    Restart the computer.

Failing the success of method one, try method two to uninstall Windows Media Player.

  1. Begin by navigating to the “Run” dialog box by first clicking the “Start” menu then clicking “Run”.
  2. In the “Run” dialog box, type: “%windir%$ntUninstallwmp11$spuninstspuninst.exe” (without the quotation marks) and then click “OK”.
  3. A dialog box should now appear. Click the “NEXT” button, then “Finish”.
    Restart the computer.


  • To ensure Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 is not automatically downloaded via Windows Update, navigate the following:
  • Start Menu, then “All Programs” and locate the “Windows Update” entry. Click “Windows Update”.
  • Once opened, locate and click the “Custom” button, then click “Software”. Select the “Optional” menu selection while in the Microsoft Update Home page.
  • Windows Media Player 11 should be in the list, collapsed. Expand the Windows Media Player 11 entry and select the checkbox beside the “Don’t show this update again” option.
  • Save the settings by clicking the “Review” button and then “Install Updates”.
  • Never unplug the computer while uninstalling the program as this may cause the program to become corrupted and unable to be removed. Unplugging the computer during this process may also render the hard disk drive useless.
  • Never turn the computer off if it becomes unresponsive during the un-installation procedure. This may occur on some systems and will resume normal operations after the procedure has been completed.

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