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What is a Motherboard?

August 1, 2012 by admin in Hardware

Also referred to as the system board a motherboard is an essential computer part. Moreover, it is responsible for information relay between the various components it is connected to. While the microprocessor is supposedly the computer’s brain, the motherboard is the structure and body.

The motherboard consists of some major parts including memory chips, bios, connections of the hard drive, CPU chip, sound card, PCI slots, graphics cards as well as other connections. While several of these computer components are apart and only connected to the motherboard through connections, there are others that form the integral motherboard parts.

The operation of every motherboard is based on BIOS which stands for the Basic Input Output System. BIOS could be described as a program inside a board chip responsible for the control of the motherboard’s operations and the handling of the connected components. The BIOS is seen in action the moment the user turns his computer on even before the loading up of the operating system. At this juncture some gobbled words run across the screen indicating BIOS self testing to acknowledge all the connected components to the motherboard and the presence of any component problems. When choosing PCs, the motherboard constitutes a crucial and central computer part. It is an integral computer part responsible for the power and data infrastructure of the computer. The motherboard enables the computer parts to obtain power as well as communicate with each other through a hold on the microprocessor chip of the computer while allowing everything else to be connected to it.

Packaging and circuitry improvements have ensured that the size of motherboards has either shrunk or retained the original size while increasing their functionality. Motherboards have typically evolved with time and their form factors vary largely.

The motherboards form factors essentially refers to the design, size and shape of the motherboard.

The motherboard is capable of enabling components to be plugged into it, thus allowing personalization of the computer system which is dependent on their needs and applications.

The latest motherboards come with graphic cards with options of choosing independent graphic cards that are high end.

Motherboards are usually sold while fully assembled and the user or company is required just to plug custom components in.

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