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Who Invented the Internet?

August 1, 2012 by admin in Featured, Internet

The Internet was invented by Sir Timothy John Burners-Lee, an English computer scientist. In 1990 he executed the first successful communication between HTTP client and the server through the Internet. The invention of Internet came from his persistent search for a way that information would be shared and updated among researchers. He envisioned a project based on hypertext and the first trial was the building of a prototype system he called ENQUIRE, while working at CERN. He quit his job but returned to the organization four years later as an associate. In just a few years the CERN organization had grown into the largest Internet node in Europe. This presented Bernes with the perfect moment to try his idea of hypertext and revolutionarize the way information is shared and updated.

He wrote his initial proposal on the project in 1989, suggesting ways he could link hypertext with Transmission Control Protocol and the domain name system. Using similar ideas like those found in Enquire System he was finally able to create a world wide web. Bernes also designed and built the very first web editor and browser. They were designed to run on the NeXTSTEP operating system in the World Wide Web. The first web server he provided was CERN HTTPd which is the short form of hypertext transfer protocol daemon. Finally the first web site was set up at CERN and put online on august 1991. The web site provided information describing and explaining World Wide Web, and the steps to follow when setting up a web server. Bernes-lee used to keep a list of other web sites apart from his and so in the process created the world’s first web directory.

He then founded one of the most powerful organizations, World Wide Web Consortium at the Massachusetts institute of technology. It was an umbrella body of many companies that were dedicated to creating standards and recommendations meant to improve the quality of the web. Since Bernes-lee had made his ideas freely available the organization also decided that their standards would be based on royalty-free technology. There would be no patents or royalties due to encourage their easy adoption. With the ongoing tussle between ICANN and government bodies on the ownership of domain names particularly .COM, the inventor of the internet claims that no body owns domain names which should be treated as a public resource.

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