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Why Data Encryption Matters

July 31, 2012 by admin in Security

Encryption or cryptography refers to techniques used for encoding messages. To encode the data, a code, key or computer program has to be used. Cryptography has been used for centuries, but it remains very important today.


Encryption is crucial so data is protected from hackers, business rivals and other potential threats. Sensitive information has to be hidden because it may cause damage if it lands in the wrong hands.

Computer Cryptography Programs

Sensitive information passed on online networks today are often encrypted by specially designed computer programs. Encoding is made possible by the use of algorithms. The data only becomes comprehensible if it is decrypted. While used mainly in computers it has other uses. Many security companies use these codes to keep customer information safe.

Secure Transactions

Encryption is also used during online financial transactions. Online shops make use of 256 SSL encryption or similar systems. This is to ensure the financial info provided by the customers are safe. Using this method, external sources will not be able to steal data on the site network.

Cryptography helps in fighting cyber crimes. Some of the details that cyber hackers go after are credit card info, bank accounts and social security records. Without encrypting programs, these can be hacked easily. If the data is encoded using digital certificates or SSL, the info will be safe. They use intricate algorithms like DES and RSA to protect data.

The importance of these programs goes beyond marketing and shopping. Highly supplicated encryption methods are used in the military as well. Unless this is done, the information could fall in the hands of terrorists with catastrophic results.

Forms and Types

When you think security with encryption, remember that it comes in two types. These are the public key encryption and symmetric key encryption. The latter utilizes one key. This is only for the authorized persons.

The asymmetric or public keys utilize a couple of keys for encoding: these are the public and private keys. The pubic key is accessible to everyone. However, only the authorized people have the private key, so it cannot be decrypted by just anyone. The asymmetric type utilizes RSA or DSS.

You don’t need to be the head of a company to use encryption programs. Any type of data that you don’t want other people to see should be encrypted. Fortunately, there are many types now available and they are more secure than ever.


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